Kent, CT

Day 99 – Saturday, June 16

I’m moving on the slower side these days since leaving New York.  At least I thought I was out of New York.  I’ve been having too much fun the past several days with a good friend of mine from Connecticut, Michael Morgan.  He is a fishing buddy and neighbor of mine in Orange Beach, Alabama. He is a great guy and graduated from Auburn as well! The trail leaving Fort Montgomery has been great although I had a 24 hour period there with lots of rain.  I did enjoy lots of deli stops and even a mobile road side pizza place right at an A.T. trail crossing. Life’s been good in the food consumption category these days. However, I weigh less now than when I graduated from college!

The forest through Connecticut so far has been beautiful.  I even hiked along a river that would be fun to take my kayak down. Man, I’m going to be ready for some river fun when I get back to the Southeast.

So I’m in the town of Kent, Connecticut and my friend tells me he’s coming to get me for some R&R (that means lots of beer is involved). When he also mentioned a trip into New York City, I could not turn it down. We went today and I truly enjoyed my first visit into the Big Apple.

Going and visiting the new 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero gave me a unique feeling knowing what happened on the very ground on which I was standing.

Here are some additional photos from my New York City side trip.

Tomorrow I need to get back on the trail and make some miles up quick.  It’s been FUN, but time to continue north to Maine!

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10 Responses to Kent, CT

  1. Nina Fort says:

    Once again, great pictures. A book of them will be in order when you get home. Side trip to New York sounds great. Thank you for sharing this wonderful “walk”.
    Looking forward to Maine.


  2. Henry Freeman says:

    Uncle David,
    Cool pictures from New York City. Hope you have a fun and bug-free trip through the rest of the trail. I say bug-free because at Boy Scout Camp I found four wasp nests in my cabin and two black widows in my neighbors tent. War Eagle!

  3. Bruce says:

    Dave, I was thinking that since you are making such incredible progress, at this pace, you might just turn around and make it a round trip ticket??

    • dnlangford says:

      Haha…by plane! Hope all is going great for you guys! Thanks for the help on the CBRE project! Take care, look forward to seeing you soon! WHITEWATER

  4. michael morgan says:

    David–great having you in Ridgefield. Enjoyed the the city visit. Still remembering you walking off into the woods in Kent… WOW. I finally got it!! Be safe my friend. See you in OB. Mike

  5. Celeste Clements says:

    Hi David, I’m Celeste, Yvette’s sister. I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your pictures and think this journey is so neat! I am really glad that Yvette and Mary are going on this road trip and will get to spend time together. I have heard so much about y’all over the years, and know how special you are to her. Take care and have fun!
    Celeste Clements, Eufaula, AL

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