Fort Montgomery, NY

Day 93 – Sunday, June 10

Today marks three months now that I’ve been on the trail and what a journey it’s been so far. The miles seem to be adding up much faster these days as I have less than two months before ending my adventure in Maine. It’s pretty neat to be counting down the miles remaining now in three digits. It’s still a long way to go and a lot more ground to cover, but each week seems to be passing by faster and faster.

I hiked out of Pennsylvania with an old Yellowstone roommate of mine from 1980, Doug Berg. It was great fun catching up with Doug out on the trail. I hope I have him talked into coming down south sometime for a visit. He told me he has always wanted to see Alabama since his dad was born there.

The last two days in Pennsylvania we saw two different fawns on the trail, the one above and this rare white fawn below.

Here are a couple of additional photos from my last days on the trail in PA.

From Delaware Water Gap, PA I crossed over the Delaware River and into New Jersey and visited the 220′ tower marking the highest point in the state.

From New Jersey I went into New York and was greeted by my first rattlesnake of the trip. I’m really enjoying the hiking here in New York. It’s lots of work, but fun! I’ve been within 34 miles of New York City now and have seen the skyline several times from different mountain tops. We also were treated with some great trail magic in New York…hot dogs and sweet tea.

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4 Responses to Fort Montgomery, NY

  1. Maria says:

    Wow David. As I sit here at the indoor play house with the twins I nanny for this summer I can’t believe you are already in New York! I have been following your blog from the beginning and am amazed at all the beautiful pictures! Stay safe and sending prayers for the rest of your trip to be safe.

  2. Doug Berg says:

    So cool Dave. You’re da Ant! Scoring a lifetime accomplishment. All the best for your days in NY and beyond. Hope to see you in Maine.

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