Manchester Center, VT

Day 110 – Wednesday, June 27

I’m taking a short break off the trail today and I’m enjoying the day in Manchester Center, Vermont with my wife Mary, son Bill, and a great friend from those college and Yellowstone years, Yvette Westbrook, from Eufaula, Alabama. The plan was to do some hiking today, but since I’ve hiked the past three days in the rain and we still don’t have any sunshine today the motivation to hit the trail was at an all time low for this hiker. Tomorrow looks like the weather may improve, so the plan is to get up early and do about twenty miles with Bill while the girls drive to the north end and hike in til they meet up with us and then hike back to the car. Hopefully, they can get a taste of hiking in on the AT in a really beautiful area of New England.

Since leaving Kent, CT, the trail seems to be returning to more remote country, meaning less towns, roads, and background urban noises, which I’m liking. I’m less than a week away now from entering the White Mountains and can’t wait to hit them. It should be one of the bigger highlights of my journey as I head to Maine shortly after. I hear that little to no cell phone service exists in the Whites as well as much of the wilderness areas of Maine so it may be a while before getting another update posted on my blog.

The trail was beautiful as I left Connecticut and entered into Massachusetts along a ravine in the mountains.

While in Massachusetts I stayed at the Upper Goose Pond Cabin which turned out to be a great place and the caretaker sent us off the next morning full of pancakes and fresh coffee. I’m seeing more and more beaver ponds as I move north on the trail. I’m very impressed by the construction talent of a beaver.

The trail passes by Bascom Lodge on Mt. Greylock which is the highest point in Massachusetts.

The photos below were taken around the Mt. Stratton area including me standing in the top of the fire tower on the summit.

Time to get off this computer and get my feet moving on towards the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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14 Responses to Manchester Center, VT

  1. Nina Fort says:

    You are looking a little thin! We’ll have to have dinner a couple of times when you get back. Pictures are fabulous and am looking forward to meeting up in Maine.



  2. Zach says:

    Beautiful shots. Can’t wait to see what the Whites brings to this site.

    Great work my man!

  3. sam mccoy says:

    I know your mom annd dad really feel good. about your adventureinour beautiful country.SAM

  4. Mike says:

    David, I am impressed with pictures you have taken along the trail. However, the stories of hospitality you have experienced is pretty special. Safe travels and enjoy the trip to the finish line. Quite adventure my friend! See you when you get back.

  5. Jodi says:

    Way to go David. Less than 500 miles to go! Can not believe how much ground you have covered. Have really enjoyed all the pictures (except for the snakes). Good luck on the home stretch. Jodi

  6. Jodi says:

    Hope you are having a good morning. We are at the cabin & Jodi showed me all the pictures – really enjoyed them. If you are near North Conway check out the town (we were there many years ago). Love you, Mom & Dad

  7. firexneck says:

    Whitewater!!! It’s Pretzel, I’m up in Glen Cliff, NH. Glad to see you went into NYC and enjoyed Vermont. Hope we run into each other again, soon.

    • dnlangford says:

      Pretzel…Hope all is going great! Your a day ahead of me. I’m at the hiker hostel in Glencliff now or this evening. I’m going to gear it down (milage wise) through the Whites and Maine to enjoy. Plan to finish my journey now on Monday,August 6th…If all goes well.
      Take care and enjoy your last two states. WHITEWATER

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