Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, ME

Day 150 – Monday, August 6

I’M ALL DONE WALKING…I will continue to make several adds to this post in the coming days after returning home from Maine. Thanks for everyone’s interest and support in both my journey and the Hudson Family Foundation!


“Man is born to die, his works are short-lived. Buildings crumble, Monuments decay. Wealth vanishes but Katahdin in all its glory, Forever shall remain The Mountain Of the People of Maine..”
~Percival P. Baxter

History of Baxter State Park: The park was a gift to the people of Maine from Governor Percival P. Baxter, who used his personal wealth over a 32-year period to purchase and donate the original 201,018 acres of the park.  Since his death in 1969, the park’s size has been increased several times.  The headquarters is located of 20 miles from the actual park entrance in the small town of Millinocket.  There are no stores or gas stations inside the park.  Access and use are strictly regulated in accordance with Gov. Baxter’s wishes to keep the park “forever wild”.

Some additional Mt. Katahdin summit photos.

Fellow thru-hikers below (Motown, Philly Ben, Stinger,, Red Man and Dundee)

Mary and Bill made the final summit with me.

Some photos climbing up and going down Mt. Katahdin. The picture below is Katahdin Stream Falls.

Bill, on the way to the summit of Mt.Katahdin, which is in the clouds behind him.

I enjoyed some local fun and music in Monson before entering the 100-Mile Wilderness. The local town hardware store opens up every Friday night for an impromptu jam session… everyone welcome…bring your favorite instrument…or in my case, ears, for some serious jamming. Really good stuff!!

A quick video below of the action.

Entering the 100-Mile Wilderness.

Taking a Blue Blaze over to White House Landing.

Moving on through the Wilderness towards Abol Bridge.

And Yes…One last summit photo for the old Yellowstone Dew Crew!

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23 Responses to Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, ME

  1. Julian says:

    Fantastic, well done. Read a few books about people walking the AT and somehow found your blog when you were a couple of weeks in. Followed your progress ever since. Glad you made it. Very well done. Julian (in the UK)

  2. DanaClare, a.k.a. CQ says:

    YAY! Awesome Congrats! I’ve enjoyed following your blog – thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Krista says:

    Congrats Whitewater!

  4. Lora says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I enjoyed reading your entries from the very beginning and so glad you made it. That’s a major accomplishment that many people attempt but never make it. I’m very happy for you.

  5. Paul says:

    Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed occasionally reading your blog. (I didn’t even have the commitment necessary to complete a virtual/vicarious hike of the AT!)

  6. Greg Estes says:

    Reid and I followed your blog from the beginning and enjoyed reading your updates. You ought to be on a Nike commercial — JUST DO IT !!!
    Greg and Reid Estes

  7. Congratulations! I’ve followed your blog from the beginning and have been rooting for you! Was fun to experience the trail vicariously through you!


  8. dave says:

    Congrats I’ve been watching your whole journey. (This is the guy you met on your first night at springer shelter) Dave

  9. Will says:

    That is GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Congradultion on your completion. It was great to follow you on your blog. I look forward to seeing the remainder of your blog and your pictures. Hopefully, I will see you at Trai Days next year in Damascus. Again, I’ll be wearing the A&W ballcap at the First Baptist Church in town
    God Bless,
    RC SLowpoke, Will

  10. Jon says:

    I’m happy for you…but I am going to miss following your adventure. Living vicariously through you for the past few months and reading your trip ending post leaves me with that feeling you have when you finish a really long, but great, book. You want more. I will miss that feeling of expectation, waiting for your new posts.

    Thank you for letting us have this window into your trip. I want to go on the AT so bad I can taste it. But work and family and other responsibilities in life make that impossible for me right now. Going along with you via your posts is as close as I can get right now, but makes me want to go out there even more.

    Go Bless,

  11. robin says:

    well done! glad to have been a small part of your journey. even if it was to refresh and share some kindness and a break. You have inspired my two boys to do the AT next year–they are finishing up the Long Trail as I write. Fondly–Trail angels from killington area–Robin and Elizabeth (Archangel and LAX–we received our names there)

    • dnlangford says:

      Thanks greatly…and for the trail magic!! I hope your boys have great success next year on the AT. I’ll be glad to help your sons in Georgia as they get started..or end (place to stay, shuttle, airport transfer…etc.) Just let me know.
      Thanks again!

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