Monson, ME

Day 140 – Friday, July 27

114 Miles remaining to Mt. Katahdin, Maine – and Lobsterfest

Coming into Monson, ME yesterday afternoon was pretty emotional knowing it’s the last trail town until I complete my thru-hike. Monson is the southern most point of the 100-mile wilderness before entering Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin. I’m having lots and lots of mixed emotions these days as my journey’s end is very near.

The pictures below are some of my last in New Hampshire before crossing over the state line and entering my last state…Maine.

Proud to be a new member of the 2,000-miler club!

On top of Avery Peak…great views and great weather!

Screwloose doing another food challenge in Stratton.

Those beavers know how to do some construction work!

Crossing the Kennebec River by the last man powered ferry service in the country.

A memorial sits out in front of the Pierce Pond Lean-to for Parkside, the first 2012 thru-hiker to die on the trail. He drowned while swimming in Pierce Pond.

Just a few additional photos below, while hiking through Maine.

Wow…I’m very close to the end and Mt. Katahdin. Looking forward to the 100-Mile Wilderness up ahead.

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4 Responses to Monson, ME

  1. Nina Fort says:

    Godspeed David. I can’t wait to hear about your fabulous adventure. Did you get a picture of the Moose?

    • dnlangford says:

      Thanks Nina…No Moose pictures, but maybe I’ll see another one in the 100-mile wilderness and will be able to get a good photo.
      Take Care,

  2. Mike says:

    The emotions are a natural part of the process. Congrats on how far you have come, and enjoy the finish. Completing the AP is huge! Take care

  3. Krista says:

    So happy for you and the rest of the crew! Have fun in the 100 Mile Wilderness 🙂 What shelter were you and the rest of the “hiker trash” at in the 2nd picture? Happy Trails Whitewater!!

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