Missing the Trail…

Well, it’s been almost six months now since I finished my thru-hike on the summit of Mt. Katahdin in Maine and at that time I thought that walking was out of my system and that I had accomplished enough on my journey north on the Appalachian Trail. Well, I’m just not sure if that’s going to turn out to be correct these days. It seems like there’s not an hour that goes by now that I’m not thinking about or wishing that I was back on a trail somewhere. This seems to be a very real and common problem among long distance hikers and I always heard that adjusting back to the real world was going to be tough. I think I’m finding that to be true.

So with permission from Mrs. Whitewater, I may…and that’s a big word…start planning and learning more about doing another thru-hike, this time on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014. The (PCT) starts in Mexico and ends in Canada passing through three states California, Oregon and Washington. Along it’s 2,650 mile path, the trail goes from the desert, to alpine country, and then on to the rain forests of the Pacific Northeast. That’s pretty appealing to me, since I’ve never really spent much time on the west coast. I think I would really enjoy seeing this part of the county by walking through it. Some of the sites I would be trekking through would include: the Mojave Desert, the Sierra Nevada and Mt. Whitney, Yosemite National Park, Marble Mountain and the Russian Wilderness in Northern California, the volcanoes of the Cascades including Mt. Shasta and Mt. Hood, Carter Lake, Columbia River Gorge, Mt Rainer, and the remote Northern Cascades. Some awesome country to say the least!

So stayed tuned to my blog, because it may continue to expand in a new direction. I’ll wait and see where my life takes me here in the early days of 2013. Hopefully looking forward to getting back on a trail somewhere! My eyes have not adjusted back to my current environment, I’d rather be looking at something like this in the photo below!!

Sheep Lake

In the mean time while I continue to ponder over my PCT adventure up the west coast, I’m planning to do a short thru-hike here in the southeast this spring on the Benton MacKaye Trail (BMT) ending on the AT either in Hot Springs, NC or Erwin, TN, roughly a 400 mile trek. If my timing is right, I hope to finish the BMT in time to continue on north to Damascus, VA for Trail Days 2013 which is on the weekend of May 17th thru 20th.


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9 Responses to Missing the Trail…

  1. Yvette says:

    WOOHOO! This means Mrs. Whitewater and I can do a loooooooong roadtrip this time! I enjoyed that part of the country when “Ted the Van Man” and I traveled for 2 months after leaving Yellowstone. I’m sure Mary and I will pop in for a visit! WOOOHOOO!

  2. Dana Flowers says:

    I have spent some time on the PCT. It’s a lot different than the AT.

  3. Will Barton says:


    I know your feeling about missing the AT. It’s been a year since I was on the AT. Even though I have only completed Virginia, WV, Maryland , and the lower part of PA. I am wanting to get back on the AT. I know that this might be crazy but I think about every day. Now, If I could get my back to cooperate. LOL Legs basically work but the back. Oh well. One must have one’s dreams.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Trail Days. I’ll be the one working with the First Baptist Church. I’jj be the one with the A&W baseball cap. Please introduce yourself.

    Also, I will be looking forward to your blog for your next hike. I realy enjoyed you blog about the AT. Great job.

  4. AcornHikes says:

    exciting news! see you at trail days

    • dnlangford says:

      Good luck on your AT journey! If you need any help between the Atlanta area and Springer tranporation wise or whatever else you may need, just let me know. Will be glad to assist you. Look forward to meeting you in Damascus.

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