Port Clinton / Hamburg, PA

Day 82 – Wednesday, May 30

Wow..Since my last blog update I’ve covered a lot of ground and passed a number of classic spots and milestones along the trail. So with my limited time on a computer here at the library in Hamburg, I’m just going to get started with my brief descriptions and pictures below. Enjoy!

The first spot was the Bears Den Hostel. Didn’t stay there but enjoyed a nice break and a Mountain Dew. It’s really a great looking hostel.

After leaving the Bears Den, we found the Horseshoe Curve Restaurant just off the trail a bit and enjoyed a late afternoon lunch. We left after 4:00 p.m. and still had 11 more miles to hike that day.

My friend and high school classmate from 1978, Rob Mayville, met me in Front Royal, VA and basically hiked with me for a week. It was great fun and I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know his wife Melissa. Many thanks to both of them for all the shuttles, meals, and spirits.

The first big milestone was going over the 1,000 mile mark at the Virginia – West Virgina border.

Next was hiking through Harpers Ferry, WV and checking in at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. I’m the 149th thru hiker for the year to check in basically at the halfway point to Maine this year. No matter if you started from Amicalola Falls or on top of Springer Mountain, most hikers check in here and have their photo made at the ATC for the record.

 a.k.a’s (The Dude, Philly Ben, Whitewater, Uno, and Sketch at the ATC)

The trail goes through many historical sites along the way including the first Washington Monument.

Another big milestone was passing the halfway point on the AT…just HUGE!!

I set a new personal best, doing a 29.4 mile day into Duncannon, PA with the Warrior Hikers. Mark and Sean, Warrior Hike, were special guests in the Duncannon Memorial Day town parade the next morning. It was fun to stay around town long enough to watch them come down the street in their special ride.

A few of us stayed at Mary’s home which was located just above the local PUB in town. Mary is a very popular and well-known trail angel who helps and support thru hikers coming through the town of Duncannon. She also left us sodas and burritos along the trail as we were coming into town.

A few random photos from the past couple of weeks…

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2 Responses to Port Clinton / Hamburg, PA

  1. Nina Fort says:

    I was thinking you had to be close to the Warrior Hikers. I came across their site a couple of weeks back because I run in the Wounded Warrior Run in Kennesaw.

    Once again your pictures are wonderful and your Milestones are exciting.

    Godspeed David.


  2. Mike says:

    Way to go D! You made it to the halfway milestone and the finish line is on the horizon. The stories and the photos you have shared to date make me feel a part of this trip and I have not even broken a sweat!

    I hope Mary is planning a big throw down after you get home and catch your breath. Safe travels my friend!

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