San Diego / PCT Bound!

plane15Here I go! Let a new journey begin!

I’m headed to the Atlanta Airport this morning to catch my flight to San Diego, CA where I’ll spend one night near La Jolla and catch a ride early Friday morning to the Mexico Border and the southern terminus of the PCT to start my walk north to Canada.

I’ll try a do a blog update at least a couple times a month, but the map, trail stats, and the FollowMee link over in the margin area of my blog should get updated at least every couple of days.

Wow, I’ve had a really busy past couple of weeks visiting with friends and family saying bye for the summer. The good thing about that is, I’ve probably eaten twice the amount of food that I normally do, so the fat reserves are really built up. I have feeling that I’ll burn that off pretty quickly in just my first couple of weeks out on the trail. Anyway, many thanks to all my friends and family who have wished me well on my journey. It’s greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the support

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13 Responses to San Diego / PCT Bound!

  1. Bill Goldsmith says:

    Good Luck! Have Fun!

  2. Mike says:


    Safe travels and enjoy the experience!

  3. Nina Fort says:

    safe travels. send pics.

  4. Carolyn and Sam says:

    GOD SPEED David, watch those heels. Our prayers are with you. Sam and Carolyn

  5. Barbara says:

    Enjoy! Hope you will have nice weather.. Good luck.

  6. Will Barton says:

    Have an absolutely outstanding time. I’m so excited for you that are on your way. Will be praying for your safety. God bless, Will

  7. Jeff Jones says:

    You Rock Man! You got this!

  8. Sarah McTyre says:

    Hope it’s a great journey!

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