AT Trail Magic 2014 – Weekend

I had a great weekend doing some trail magic for the AT 2014 NOBOs with Joe Jackson (Video), Sue Carpenter and Mary Langford at Stecoah Gap in North Carolina. The weather was very comparable to our trail magic weekend last year, mostly rainy and wet, but I still can’t really think of a better way to start off the spring than feeding some dirty and muddy hiker trash. We cranked up the grill and fed burgers and hot dogs to some seventy plus hikers  coming through the gap on their way to the Great Smoky Mountains. It was great meeting so many wonderful folks, young and old, heading north to Maine. I even know one of the hikers personally. Dan Maloy (Gray Ghost) and I have been business associates for many years. It has been fun following Dan as he keeps up his journal at: Gray Ghost’s 2014 Appalachian Trail Journal.

Good luck to all the 2014 NOBOs !! Enjoy the journey!!

Some fun weekend photos below:

Trail Magic 2014 (53)
Blue, Morrison, All Day, Cheesesteak, Young Gun, & Sole Power

Trail Magic 2014 (44)
Seymour & KoKo

Trail Magic 2014 (59)

Trail Magic 2014 (60)
J Rex, Mary, Ace, Sue, Mackerel, & Video

Trail Magic 2014 (17)
Koda & Safety

Trail Magic 2014 (11)
Listener & J Rex

Trail Magic 2014 (61)
Whitewater, Boucher, Swamp Donkey, All Day, Denali, Video, Dumpster, The Rock, & Maverick

Trail Magic 2014 (50)
James, Whitewater, Mary (Mrs. Whitewater), Crazy Horse

Trail Magic 2014 (25)
Blondie, Big Dog, & Indiana Jones

Trail Magic 2014 (26)
Grizz & Pepper

Trail Magic 2014 (29)
Wet Dog & Rob

Trail Magic 2014 (40)
Whitewater, Video, and Lobster

Trail Magic 2014 (67)
Pyro & Fritz

Trail Magic 2014 (66)
Video, Gray Ghost, Sue & Mary

Trail Magic 2014 (68)
McGyver, Mary, Melissa & Rob (new trail angels this year), Joe Cool, & Forrest

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5 Responses to AT Trail Magic 2014 – Weekend

  1. Stick says:

    Awesome… my kids and I met Koda & Safety a few weeks back at Stover Creek Shelter… great to see they are still going! And awesome that you guys are providing this awesome trail magic!


  2. Will Barton says:

    Looks like a great day for trail magic. Glad you all are having fun. Looking forward to seeing your post on the PCT. I will also be following Gray Ghost on his journey. Pray for safety all the way around. Enjoy. God bless. RC Slowpoke.

  3. Stretch says:

    I hiked and hung with , All Day, Safety & Koda, Young Gun, Pepper, Cheese steak, Crazy Horse, Jo Cool, Forrest, Mcgyver, awesome group of hikers!

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