Welcome Aboard the Appalachian Trail!

Towards the end of February 2012, I will begin my journey hiking north on the Appalachian Trail attempting a “Thru-Hike” from Springer Mountain in northern Georgia to Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park Maine. The Appalachian Trail is 2,184 miles in length and winds through 14 states along the way. I will spend approximately five months carrying everything I need in a backpack with the exception of many food and water resupply stops along the way.

I will be hiking alone, which is not uncommon at all because in an average year a couple of thousand people typically attempt a thru-hike. My start date in late February is a little early, with most hikers choosing to start in March and early April. I am hoping to miss the massive waves of hikers and should be able to enjoy the views of the Southern Appalachian Mountains much more without the leaves on the trees. The trail and its hikers will become my community and while some hikers may hike fast and others may hike slowly, hikers will typically cross paths with a lot of the same people many times over on a thru-hike.

Resupply towns for food and gear replacement  are typically every 3-5 days apart. Town stops usually consist of a restaurant stop, a shower, laundry, a post office stop (mail drops), grocery shopping and maybe a motel stay for the night. If I take off a day from the trail, it’s known as a “zero” day because I’m completing zero miles on the trail. Right now, and my situation may change as I progress, I’m planning seven “zero” days on my trip and hope to average about 15 miles per day which totals roughly 155 days to accomplish my thru-hike.

Most of the general information about the Appalachian Trail that I read in most hiker’s blogs or trail journals can be found many times over on the Internet. So when you see a link in my blog, I’m typically sending you to a site that holds the answers and explanations for that subject matter.

Please don’t look for wonderful long written blogs on this site. It won’t happen..I’m not a writer! I’m sure I’ll meet several hikers / writers along the trail with great sites and I’ll keep a reference area on my “blogroll” linking you over to those who enjoy telling the whole story in great detail. I’m going to be focusing my efforts where they’re needed the most, putting one foot in front of the other for approximately 155 plus days. My primary goal on this site is to keep those who are interested updated on my trail progress with some very general information on where I am and what I’ve seen and done.

Feel free to follow along the trail with me through this blog. I’ll try my to keep this site up to date as much as possible with photos and progress while trekking NOBO to Maine on the Appalachian Trail.

Thanks for everyone’s interest and support, it’s truly appreciated!!

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15 Responses to Welcome Aboard the Appalachian Trail!

  1. Bill Garlinghouse says:

    Looks like Mary and I will be a few weeks behind you. Well, someone needs to clear the cobwebs off the trail! Good luck and hope to meet you along the way.

    Bill & Mary of Laughingdog

  2. Sandy of PA says:

    I may see you in VA. planning a 430 mile section starting mid May at Bland.

  3. Terry Horne says:

    God speed and good luck David!! Will attempt to follow your journey on the net.

  4. yona supertramp says:

    what exact date u starting my brother and i are leaving march 3rd i hope to meet u on the trail love your video

  5. dnlangford says:

    February 22nd will be my start date…looking forward to it!

  6. Paul Hamm says:

    We here at Avon wish you the best on your trip. I will be keeping an eye out for your blog. God Bless you on your journey.


  7. Nina says:

    I am very jealous and will do my hike thru you! Have a wonderful adventure!


  8. Pam Smith says:

    Recently heard about your adventure thru good friends who fish in Orange Beach, Chief and Vickie Hatfield. My nephew completed the AT last season, sumitting Katahdin on October 11.Needless to say it was an adventure of a lifetime and has changed his life in many ways for the better. He is presently working with others who are preparing for the AT. My family and I wish you the very best and will be keeping up with you and your journey. There are so many people who aspire to do his but just can not, so for those of us we live the adventure thru brave souls like yourself. Good Luck and Godspeed………Pam Smith

  9. Keith Slicner says:

    Thanks David for sharing your marvelous adventure in words and pictures. I admire your courage, determination, good works for a good cause and sense of adventure. Respect!

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