Trail Magic and Trail Angels

Sitting here on this snowy day in the south, definitely not the norm for us around here, I thought it may be a great time to tell everyone more about what Trail Magic and Trail Angels are and what they do for Thru Hikers everywhere.DSC01460

Trust me on this, all long distance hikers know what Trail Magic and Trail Angels are, but for those of you who don’t know about these fine folks, here’s a little insight on some human kindness that’s absolutely at it’s best, no matter how it arrives or how it happens.

DSC01001First Trail Magic is always performed by a Trail Angel. What I usually find is that a Trail Angel almost always has some type of strong association with the trail. That association could be in the form of being a past Thru Hiker themselves, a day hiker, a care taker of the trail, a family member who has a loved one on the trail somewhere themselves, or just a local individual who enjoys what the hikers bring to their towns and communities. All of these Trail Angels volunteer their time, money and even open their homes to many hikers to help boost the spirits of those on the trail. These acts of Trail Magic come in many different forms from coolers of goodies found in the middle of the trail, to folks offering rides to smelly hikers, to cooking complete meals at trail and road intersections. Some of the local Trail Angels will even invite you back to their homes for a good home cooked meal, shower and comfortable bed to sleep in. I think all Thru Hikers have a super appreciation for Trail Angels and most of us aspire to give back to the trail someday as a Trail Angel ourselves.DSC00451

Before I hit the PCT in mid April, Video and I plan once again to perform some Trail Magic ourselves for the class of 2014 AT Thru Hikers coming through Stecoah Gap in late March. Can’t wait!DSC00372

Trail Angels Trailer

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