Damascus, VA

Day 36 – Saturday, April 14

Made it to Damascus, Virgina on Friday the 13th with plenty of time to enjoy a meat lovers pizza and some pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water. Had a great week of hiking from Erwin to here with four days of doing twenty plus miles per day. My biggest mileage day so far was Friday coming into town doing 27 miles. So being that I’m now a couple of days ahead of my very flexible schedule, I’m taking a zero day today. I’m able to take advantage of the library here in Damascus to update my blog and connect my camera as well to upload lots of new photos.

The weather was great this week, but very cold. I gave up my winter clothes and sleeping bag in Erwin and of course from there I’ve had some of the coldest weather on the trip so far. One night the temperature dropped to 23 degrees! Let’s just say it was a long night of trying to stay warm with summer weight gear, but I survived.

Had a wonderful stay at the Mountain Harbour Hostel in Roan, TN sleeping above the goats in the barn, but the hikers were welcome to join the other guests staying in the bed and breakfast inn for the morning meal and coffee.

One of the photos below is the Overmountain Shelter which is an old barn that has been converted to an A.T. shelter. The night I stayed there we probably had thirty thru-hikers staying in the barn. It’s a very popular place to stay for its scenic views and sunrises.

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7 Responses to Damascus, VA

  1. Nina Fort says:

    Great to hear about your awesome travels. Love the pictures and praying for not so cold temps. Godspeed Whitewater!

  2. Vollzeitvater says:

    Nice pictures! Greetings from Germany.

  3. Gloria Mann says:

    Hey David. Love reading about your adventure. Please take care and we are living vicariously through your experiences.

  4. Amy T. says:

    Hope you enjoyed Damascus! We have a place just off the Creeper Trail that we’ll eventually move to full-time. (jealous?) Anyway, I love hearing about people enjoying my home. Safe travels and better weather up the trail, although I’m sure you’ve had a rough day even as I am writing this.

  5. Nenn says:

    Am enjoying your blog and beautiful photos. My daughter-in-law and granddaughter are about one week behind you so it’s fun to see what they’ll be seeing soon! Say Hi for me if you run into Yeti and Squatch!

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