Got The Green Light

Finally got some good news from the doctor today and it seems I’ll be ready (at least allowed) to hit the trail on Saturday, March 10th. YES! So I’m going to start re-labeling my mail drops and make the necessary revisions to my flexible hiking plan that I’m also using as an additional guide. My hiking plan spreadsheet can be converted to a PDF file and carried on my iPhone and accessed using the app PDF Reader…pretty cool!

With all my spare time, I’ve managed to do some more shopping and found another pair of trail runners that I like and they seem to be very comfortable on my feet, so of course I bought them. The Salomon XA Pro Ultra 2 GTX are highly rated trail shoes these days for weight, durability and comfort.

In addition to my new pair of trail runners I also bought some Superfeet Premium Insoles for my Merrell’s. The Superfeet GREEN insoles have been very popular now for over 30 years. They are designed primarily for footwear with  removable insoles and they are the recommended choice for those seeking maximum support and shock absorption, which I think I’ll need. Tried them out yesterday on a six-mile hike and they felt great under my feet. Super excited!

I’m really ready to hit the trail and begin this journey now for the second time. I get to relive all the emotions and anticipation of leaving on my thru hike within a week. The thoughts racing through my mind are pretty wild to say the least, but looking at the bright side, I’m guessing not many hikers get the opportunity to feel these rollercoaster jitters twice on the same trip.

Hopefully my next post will be from the start of the Approach Trail at Amicalola Falls State Park on March 10th.

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11 Responses to Got The Green Light

  1. carl flamm says:


    i have the salomon 3d ultra gtx as well. very good shoe. i ended up getting a full size up from my regular size for hiking. bought 1/2 size larger and it wasn’t quite big enough with good insoles in them. i went with orange superfeet. good support and comfortable but still not sure they are worth $45 a pair.

    • dnlangford says:

      I’ve only been wearing my new Salomon’s around the office at this point, hopefully I’ll take them out on the trail this afternoon or in the morning, but right now they feel very comfortable on the feet. It looks to me like they have some additional support around the insoles that my Merrell’s were definitely lacking on. My Merrell’s are holding up pretty well, I like them, but I defiantly think they cut corners / cost on the insoles. Both shoe manufacture’s use a Ortholite insoles, but I think Salomon has a much better design and specifications on theirs.

      Anyway..enjoying you blog. Sorry to read about your recent loss of your dad.

      Good luck to you on your hike!

      • carl flamm says:

        concerning my father, thanks very much david.

        i too have used merrells, both the moab and mesa ventilators, and though they were very good shoes, they wore out much faster than the salmons and dind’t give as much support in my opinion. my last pair of merrells – about a year ago – did not seem to be made nearly as well as previous pairs i had owned.

  2. Doug Berg says:

    Yo Dave! Sorry for your hiccup. I hope it doesn’t slow you down after the delay. I still plan to meet you in MD or PA to hike for a couple days. I’m really looking forward to catching up and hearing about your life since Yellowstone. I hope you make your departure next week.

  3. Rob says:

    Congrats on getting the “go”! Excited to read and follow along.

  4. Pam Smith says:

    That is great news….My nephew started out on March 13, and finished on October 11. And took quite a bit of time off the trail to see several cities, and about a week off after a visit to the ER with a nasty stomach bug!! That being said you are in good shape, get to hiking and cant wait to here about some of your adventures…..Happy Trails!!!!

  5. Rob says:

    2 days! Get pumped!

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