My A.T. Support

A little over a week ago I put out an e-mail to my clients and business associates letting them know about my plans to hike the Appalachian Trail this year and I’ve been overwhelmed by the responses. I was pretty busy for several days responding to e-mails and phone calls. Thank you to all of you out there interested in my hike! It was really fun and amazing to talk with the ones who have completed a A.T. thru-hike (my hat is off to you). To those who are planning to do a thru-hike in the future and to those who are just dreaming about their own trip or adventure very cool…go for it! I was out in Wyoming summer before last staying and climbing with a guy named Frank Sanders at Devils Tower and his slogan was “Blessed are those who live out their dreams”.  I think he’s got it exactly right.

Again many thanks to everyone, especially to my family, who put up with me and my adventures. Here’s to wishing all of you the very best at living out your dreams! Dream Big and Go Do It!

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4 Responses to My A.T. Support

  1. Best of luck on your journey. It’s been a life-long dream of mine, and I think I might actually have the time to do it. I recently retired from the Army and plan to start grad school in the fall. The last few days I started thinking, “Hmm, I’m going to have some time on my hands…” I’m not sure if I have enough time to plan for it or if my body would handle it, but I’m thinking about it. Hope you’ll let us know how it goes!

  2. dnlangford says:

    Thanks for the comments Quinn…I’ll try and keep my blog updated once a week or so.
    Many thanks for your service to our country as well.

  3. James mcdonald says:

    We are very disappointed to hear of the slight delay. I think I said DAmn, or something like that. Hope Wed. turns out easy with the trail not far away.

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